Memory fingerprint problems with the JAVA, JNI, and C application


I have a piece of an application that is written in C, it spawns a JVM and uses JNI to interact with a Java application. My memory footprint via Process Explorer gets upto 1GB and runs out of memory. Now as far as I know it should be able to get upto 2GB. One thing I believe is that the memory the JVM is using isn't visible in the Process Explorer. My xmx is set to 256, I added some statements to watch the java side memory and it is peaking at 256 and GC is doing its job and it is all good on that side. So my question is, where is the other 700+ MB being consumed? Anyone out there a Java/JNI/C Memory expert?

There could be a leak in the JNI code.

Remember to use (*jni)->DeleteLocalRef() for any object references you get once you are done with them. If you use any native C buffers to create new Java objects, make sure you free them off once the object is created. Check the JNI Specification for further guidelines.

Depending on the VM you are using you might be able to turn on JNI checking. For example, on the IBM JDK you can specify "-Xcheck:jni".