Matlab: convert int array to string?


In Matlab I have integer array a=[1 2 3]. I need to convert them into one string, separated by ',':

c = '1,2,3'

If somehow I can have a string array b=['1' '2' '3'], then I can use

c = strjoin(b, ',')

to achieve the goal.

So my question is: How to convert integer array a=[1 2 3] into a string array b=['1' '2' '3']?

The int2str() is not working. It will give out

'1 2 3'

and it is not a "string array", so the strjoin can not apply to it to achieve '1,2,3'

You can simply use sprintf():

a = 1:3;
c = sprintf('%d,',a);
c = c(1:end-1);