Manually draw a cluster with markerclusterer for v3 cards


Hey I'm using the popular markerclusterer plugin for google maps that can be found at

I'm wondering what function I can use to manually add a clustermarker, since I would like, when I zoom out a lot, to cluster the markers serverside before sending a huge load of json over the wire.

What function is called to add a clustermarker?

Any help is much appreciated

Due to the lack of any other answer, I made an extension of the MarkerClusterer myself, I'm sure it can be rewritten to a better standard, but this is what I could come up with:

MarkerClusterer.prototype.AddCluster = function(clat, clng, csize)
  var clusterlocation = new google.maps.LatLng(clat, clng)
  var CI = new ClusterIcon(new Cluster(this), this.getStyles, this.getGridSize());
  var index = 0;
  var dv = csize;
  while (dv !== 0) {
    dv = parseInt(dv / 10, 10);
  var style = this.styles_[index-1];
  $.extend(CI, {sums_ : {text : csize, index: index}, url_ : style['url'], width_ : style['width'], height_ : style['height']});
  CI.triggerClusterClick = function()
   this.map_.setZoom(this.map_.getZoom()+1); }