Manipulate the first element of Akka Creek especially


Is there an idiomatic way of handling Akka stream's Source first element in a special way? What I have now is:

    var firstHandled = false { elem =>
      if(!firstHandled) {
        //handle specially
        firstHandled = true
      } else {
        //handle normally


While I would generally go with Ramon's answer, you could also use prefixAndTail, with a prefix of 1, together with flatMapConcat to achieve something similar:

val src = Source(List(1, 2, 3, 4, 5))
val fst = Flow[Int].map(i => s"First: $i")
val rst = Flow[Int].map(i => s"Rest:  $i")

val together = src.prefixAndTail(1).flatMapConcat { case (head, tail) =>
  // `head` is a Seq of the prefix elements, which in our case is
  // just the first one. We can convert it to a source of just
  // the first element, processed via our fst flow, and then
  // concatenate `tail`, which is the remainder...

Await.result(together.runForeach(println), 10.seconds)
// First: 1
// Rest:  2
// Rest:  3
// Rest:  4
// Rest:  5

This of course works not just for the first item, but for the first N items, with the proviso that those items will be taken up as a strict collection.