Magento admin changes the state of the command


How to change the order status from the Magento admin panel manually. Is there any way to change the order status? i could not find this in version. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

Take a look @ Magento: Difference between order states and statuses

Each 'State' may have multiple 'Statuses'

'State' are normally change internally by the system during certain events.

  • When you place on order using cash/check the magento will put the order in a 'New' state (if using credit card that automatically authorize and capture then it will set to 'processing')

  • when you invoice the order magento will change the state to 'processing'

  • when you ship the order it will change the the state to 'complete'.

Without more information it is hard to determining what your trying to accomplish, you may want to create custom 'status' instead and change them in admin order view