JQuery UI Show / Hide behaves as different from jQuery show / hide? Maybe a bug?


What I’m trying to do, is a simple toolbar that shows/Hide when I mouseover/mouseleave over to parent. It’s a little bit hard and long to explain, so I did a sample of the problem here:


The box on the top works the way I want. I use .show(300) and .hide(300) I think this are the regular methods from jQuery.

On the bottom box, I use .show(“slide”) and .hide(“slide”), I think this methods are extended by the UI. The problem is that when I move the mouse over the “Bump”, the toolbox hides and shows like a maniac.

By the Way! I'm using UI 1.8.10 and jQuery 1.5.1, (both from MS CND) I also tried with a couple of old versions and the result is the same.

Any Idea why this is happening?



            function () {
            function () {

I don't know why mouseOver was being called multiple times, but it doesn't have this problem using .hover().