JQuery for Push-down form


Is there a JQuery plugin that allows me to 'unhide' a form by after clicking a link? Like I have an invite link that can take me to a one text field form for an email address but I want this form to just drop down (pushing the rest of the content down also) and shows the form to submit the email. If you guys can think of a JQuery plugin that lets me do this, please let me know

Edit: So I did this

<div class='add-link'>
        <div id='invite_link'><a href=''>Invite User</a></div>
        <div id='invitation_form'>
                <input type='text'/>

and my jquery looks like

<script type="text/javascript">
        $("table").tablesorter({sortList:[[0,0],[2,1]], widgets: ['zebra']});

$('#invite_link').click(function() {

Do you guys see any error that causes the form not to slide down. It hides the form when the page loads but when I click the link it is not sliding down.

$('a.mylink').click(function() {