jquery $ .each gives me an object that does not have the hasClass method


I'm trying to iterate over a collection of items with the class required. I think I must be using the $.each function incorrectly.

function required(address) {
    //object to hold elements not passing validation tests
    var pass = true;
    $('.required').each(function(index, elem){
        //check if it has the class indicating it is an email
        if (elem.hasClass('re')) {
            var validEmail = validateEmail(address.email);
            if (!validEmail){


I see that the element in the console is <input type=​"text" id=​"name_input" class=​"pr required">​

And then the error Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLInputElement> has no method 'hasClass'

How can that object not have the hasClass method?

Your first hint should be that the object is an #<HTMLInputElement> and not a jQuery object. Use $(elem).hasClass('re');