Javascript getElementById from php foreach loop


So I have a php foreach loop as follows,

$i = 1;
foreach($rows as $record){
       <div id='ytplayer".$i++."'>

and then I have javascript which uses the getElementById and it needs to get the div everytime it is looped, which would essentially be an array, but how would I do that, I know what I have below wont work, but something like this, since I know this is pretty close to how you would get this to work in php


Here you go!

Assuming that your PHP writes the following divs(one,two etc are added for example sake...)

<div id='ytplayer1'>one</div>
<div id='ytplayer2'>two</div>
<div id='ytplayer3'>three</div>
<div id='ytplayer4'>four</div>

for(var i=1; i<5; i++){
var x=document.getElementById('ytplayer'+i);