Java 'Can not find the main class' for .jar even if it is written as


I'm using Netbeans to build a jar. When I press f6, the project runs fine within Netbeans. However, if I go into my /dist/ folder and try to run the .jar, it just opens it as if it were a .zip. If I try to run the project from command line, I get the 'Could not find main class' error. However if I browse the .jar, and look in the META-INF/ file, I can see that it did describe a main class within it.

My packages are named as myname.project, and the main class is named myname.project.Main.

Any ideas what the issue is?

The correct way to run a runnable jar-file is with the -jar switch.

java -jar path/to/file.jar

An alternative way to run a jar file without the mainclass specified in the manifest (or if there are several main classes for some reason would be the standard

java -cp path/to/file.jar