Is working with a sql database on SQL Server 2012 and working with the same database on SQL Server Express 2012 the same?


I have this question about the SQL Server and SQL Server Express. In my client machine, the database that he's using is SQL Server 2012 and in my machine i have SQL Server 2005.. so i want to install another instance and a friend told me that i dont need to install the SQL Server 2012 Standard (the one that they have) and with the SQL Server 2012 Express will work.. is that ok?

I really don't know the real difference in working with SQL Server Express 2012 and SQL Server Standard 2012 (with the same database).

On of the major differences is that with express you not be able to back ups over the network. Local backups only. When I do back ups from the SqlExpress Server Manager Studio it doesn't recognize mounted drives. Check out this for a more formal approach to your question