Is there a way to store the complete configuration of Eclipse so that no other configuration is needed?


I mean, I want a developer to be able to check out a project and not have to change anything to in order to get it to build and run. One problem I have run up against is that the proper compiler has to be added to the Build Path -- is there a way this can be done? I realize that the actual JDK will still have to be downloaded but could it be clear from looking at Eclipse which JDK is needed?

The build path is usually stored in a file called .classpath under the project directory, consisting of the classpath entries that were added in Eclipse. Among the entries in the file is one which points to the JRE library.

There is no "complete" configuration that can be saved. Every configuration is stored in a separate file. Some are stored in the project directory. Others are stored in the root directory of your workspace. You'd have to pick exactly which configuration you want to save.

One way to save a configuration for the project and its dependencies is to use a project management tool like Maven. It can configure the required JDK to compile the project (it can even enforce this rule), needed dependencies, etc.