Is there a way to enable code completion for Perl in vim?


Surprisingly as you get good at vim, you can code even faster than standard IDEs such as Eclipse. But one thing I really miss is code completion, especially for long variable names and functions.

Is there any way to enable code completion for Perl in vim?

Ctrl-P (Get Previous Match) and Ctrl-N (Get Next Match) are kind of pseudo code completion. They basically search the file (Backwards for Ctrl-P, Forwards for Ctrl-N) you are editing (and any open buffers, and if you are using TAGS anything in your TAG file) for words that start with what you are typing and add a drop down list. It works surprisingly well for variables and function names, even if it isn't intellisense. Generally I use Ctrl-P as the variable or function I am looking for is usually behind in the code. Also if you keep the same copy of Vim open, it will search the files you have previously opened.