Is there a new Report Viewer Runtime for SQL 2016?


Is there a new Report Viewer runtime for SQL 2016? I get the new report viewer UI when I log into the SSRS Reports manager, but, if I embed those reports in a website, it requires the Report Viewer redistributable, and the most recent one I can find is from 2015, which I assume will not have the new UI.



No, there isn't, at least not yet.
The ReportViewer installed by SQL-Server 2016 is v12, which is the 2015 Viewer.

Also, it seems SSRS 2016 uses a RS:ReportHost tag, wheras < 2016 used to use the rs:ReportViewer tag.

But now you can download the preview here:





and then unzip it.
It still is using .NET Framework 4.0.

I got it working, here:
Just in the nick of time, had to fix a nasty bug with WordOpenXML export.
In versions of ReportViewer < 2016, you can't print a Word 2007+ (WordOpenXML) document when in landscape-format).
Switching to ReportViewer 2016 Preview solved this.

There appears to be a bug in ReportViewer, when you export to word.
Vertical alignment is not center by default, in Visual Studio it is (old bug).
And merging the last row of a table in a word-document will result in a garbage-layout - when pageformat = landscape (new bug).

If you put this formula into the footer

=System.Convert.ToString(Globals!PageNumber) + "/" + System.Convert.ToString(Globals!TotalPages)

you always get 1/1 in Word.
If you use

=Globals!PageNumber & "/" & Globals!TotalPages

then it works correctly... (old bug)