Is there a gem that normalizes and shapes American phone numbers into ruby?


I was using phony to format phone numbers (meaning, if I put in xxx-xxx-xxxx it would convert to a string, and also tell if there is a (1) before to remove it).

But it really doesn't work for us phone number, it's designed for international numbers.

Is there an equivalent?


Earlier this year, I reviewed a bunch of ruby gems that parse and format phone numbers. They fall into a number of groups (see below). TLDR: I used 'phone'. It might work for you because you can specify a default country code that it uses if your phone number doesn't include one.

1) US-centric:

big-phoney (0.1.4)
phone_wrangler (0.1.3)
simple_phone_number (0.1.9)

2) depends on rails or active_record:

phone_number (1.2.0)
validates_and_formats_phones (0.0.7)

3) forks of 'phone' that have been merged back into the trunk:

elskwid-phone (
tfe-phone (

4) relies on you to know the region ahead of time

phoney (0.1.0)

5) Kind of almost works for me

phone (

6) does not contain the substring 'phone' in the gem name (edit: I see you tried this one)

phony (1.6.1)

These groupings may be somewhat unfair or out of date so feel free to comment. I must admit I was a little frustrated at the time at how many people had partially re-invented this particular wheel.