Is my Java Hello-World program correct?


I just started a Java Programming class and received my first assignment. I am tasked with the following

  1. Construct a simple flowchart that describes simple logic flow through a program (this is easy, I have done this)
  2. Translate said flowchart into pseudo code (I know this is easy, but still working on it.)
  3. Create a simple module based off that pseudo code, which accepts a parameter and returns a value.

"Technically" speaking, is the Hello World! initial program doing what #3 is requesting? I suppose I am just a little confused on terminology as to what a "parameter" is and what a "value" is in Java.

Does anyone have an example they could point me to? Or is this the same as saying something like

Mymethods test1 = new MyMethods();
int aVal =;
System.out.println("Method result = " + aVal);

(pulled this from the book)

Just slightly confused. Any help to explain this to my like I'm 5 would be incredibly appreciated.

int myMethod(int a, int b)
   int value = a+b;
    return value;

Code Details

In the above example a and b are parameters, and v is value...

anything that is returned is called value.
anything that is passed (e.g. a and b) is called parameter.
Your book example

Mymethods test1 = new MyMethods();
int aVal =;
System.outprintln("Method result = " + aVal);

Explanation in line 3 "Method result =" +aVal" is the parameter and printed output will b the value :)