Is it possible to use SQLite databases with PHP without the sqlite functions?


I've got an PHP installation without the SQLite-Functionality as a base install so no sqlite_* functions are available.

Is there a PHP library (PHP code) that can access SQLite Databases without the need of installing any plugins into PHP?
(I'm not able to change the server configuration)

In fact i only need basic support (SELECT Statements only)

Basically i'm looking for a pure-PHP SQLite driver much like is a pure-JS implementation of the SQLite driver.

I didn't found any plain php sqlite driver searching on google. I tried to get something out of pear but the sqlite mdb2 driver make use of the sqlite php extension to work:

[email protected]:~# pear install MDB2_Driver_sqlite
pear/MDB2_Driver_sqlite requires PHP extension "sqlite"
No valid packages found
install failed

After I installed php-sqlite the pear module gone ok:

[email protected]:~# pear install MDB2_Driver_sqlite
downloading MDB2_Driver_sqlite-1.4.1.tgz ...
Starting to download MDB2_Driver_sqlite-1.4.1.tgz (30,921 bytes)
.........done: 30,921 bytes
install ok: channel://

Reading the code, any of the php sqlite wrappers I found have something like this:

if (!function_exists('sqlite_open')) return false;

So, I think nobody written a pure sqlite driver in PHP yet. Sorry.