iOS unable to set the position of the item programmatically


I am unable to set label and image position programmaticaly. I am trying to set is as,

navBarSocial.frame = CGRectMake(navBarSocial.frame.origin.x, navBarSocial.frame.origin.y, webView1.frame.size.width, navBarSocial.frame.size.height);

 status.frame = CGRectMake(100, 50, status.frame.size.width, status.frame.size.height);
 loadingImage.frame = CGRectMake(100, 50, loadingImage.frame.size.width, loadingImage.frame.size.height);

navBarSocial increase its witdth properly but label (status) and loadingImage remains at same position. I also set autosizing properties deactivated on xib but no succes. Thank you.

Not sure of your question. You speak of position, which makes sense they are staying in the same position as you have statically set them to x = 100 and y = 50. In terms of size, it seems you are setting the size to the current size of the item. In other words you are passing the current size in as the size you want to set the element you are trying to resize to.