ios double click on the event home button


Is there anyway to capture double click home button event.

I know it will run into applicationWillResignActive, but there are many situations that application will run into applicationWillResignActive so I can NOT distinguish the double click home button event with other events.

Can anybody give me some hints?

My app is meeting a bug: - On iOS 7, when double click home button, you can see running app with their current images. Because my app have some protection (I built a passcode view), so when user home button or double click home button, I will capture event to show my passcode view first. To do this, I place my code to show passcode on applicationWillResignActive.

  • It works well, but another problem occurs, when user pull down notification or other action make app resign active, it will show my passcode view, this lead user feel very annoy. So I just want to show passcode view whenever user home button or doubleclick home button. Does anyone have any idea?

No there is not.

Apple just don't allow you to access their hardware. The only thing you can do is to use frameworks to accsess those hardware. If there isn't any framework for that, there is just no way to do this without coding for jailbreak or something.

You can think about layers of the software.

  1. Hardware independent = Like apps
  2. Hardware using = For Example Camera Apps (Using some type of core Frameworks)
  3. Hardware itself = NO permission to use that layer

The core frameworks give you the closes freature to code for the hardware.

IOS Frameworks