IOS Background Fetch mode can be used to schedule an operation in the future that does not retrieve data remotely?


I'm doing an app that requires to reschedule local notification on daily basis. I'm aware about the repeatInterval property, but repetitioon here is like each 2 days etc.
I've seen silent notifications, but they can be used only with push notifications and due to some requirements I can't use that approach.
Now the app works on the hypothesis that the user will open the app quite enough to reschedule those notifications. This hypothesis is fine and we all agree that will work, but I will be more confident, if it would be possible to reschedule them on daily basis without opening the app.
I've seen the new API Background Fetch, this could be really good for me, but from doc and WWDC videos I didn't understand if it is possible to use for "everything" or just to fetch remote data.

As I understand you can do everything that does not take too long, plus you don't get a guaranteed interval when you app will be woken up - you just can request a certain minimum wake interval, which will be treated as a suggestion by iOS.

The only catch is that apparently you have to create an NSURLSession and actually do a web request, upon which return you can do whatever you want. So, you can do a dummy request and forget about any data you get returned, or maybe even create a failing request, as you are not interested in any real request at all - although I'm not sure what Apple will do when you implement the latter ...