IOS: Align two UILabels (left / right) and connect with points?


The above image was taken from an Android app. I am looking to do the same thing on iOS. I know how to do it using a background image for the dots, but it doesn't look like the Android developer used an image for the dots. Anyone know how this can be done?

I think you can do this without any code. Just use two labels with their baselines aligned, and with a horizontal spacing constraint of 0. The left label would have its text left aligned with say 10 dots added to the end of the string, and the line break mode set to "clips". The right label would also be left aligned, so its text would always be right up against the dots.

After Edit: I couldn't get this to work in IB. It may be possible in code using constraints, but I haven't tried that. It seems like you should be able to do it with 3 labels, with the two outside ones pinned to the edges of the view, and a flexible label in the middle whose text would be dots.