iOS 6 sends e-mail without user interaction


First of all, I'm working on an in-house app, so I don't need approval at App Store. I know it wouldn't ever be accepted, but it's a business rule our users share some content of the application, but with a default message and subject, so they can't edit these fields..

Until iOS 5 I was able to navigate by the view hierarchy and let the fields unneditable. But with iOS 6, and the mail on another proccess, I can't do it anymore. I need to block the views for editing (I put a view over all the mail view, except the title bar, and it works, but when the user try to cancel the e-mail, my view is blocking the popover to delete or save draft too) or send e-mails without the UI (I was able to do it with Stealth Messenger based code ( at iOS 4 or 5, but now it doesn't work).

I tryed everything I could with private APIs and Objective-C runtime.. I can dismiss the view with sending e-mail ok, but the e-mail itself isn't sent.

Can anybody help me? Does anybody did it?

Thanks in advance..

Take a look at this: Send Email in Background from iOS

IOS doesn't support to mail in background. [...] As an alternate you should implement the WebService for this[...]

Probably the best option is to utilise some server code and call that with NSURLRequest.

Hope that helps.