Integrate the PDF into a web page without using the built-in PDF viewer


Currently I am using the standard way to embed an pdf to the browser, however, the built-in pdf viewer for my target browser is not working as expected. I would like to force (Chrome, Firefox and IE8 (if possible, but IE9+ is also ok)) to use the adobe reader. The problem is , I can only change this option manually. Is there any way to change the option in HTML/ JS/ PHP ? Thanks.

<OBJECT data="YourFile.pdf" TYPE="application/x-pdf" TITLE="SamplePdf"
    <a href="YourFile.pdf">shree</a>

I try to find the solution and someone suggested header, not working unfortunately e.g.

Content-Type: application/pdf
Content-Disposition: inline; filename.pdf

I did this a while ago. Using JQuery was a great way to get round this :)


If you're willing to spend $6 I would highly suggest:

Hope this helps!