Installing Glassfish Server with Setup Fails on Windows 7


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iam a complete newbie in this area and dont know what to do.

For a Java ee tutorial i have to install the GlassFish server on my Windows 7.

I have followed the instructions and installed the newest JDK.

After i have downloaded the GlassFish native installer with multilingual from this website i pressed the exe and it starts to install, but after 30 seconds it stops and a window pops and says that the software was not correctly installed that i have to do it again with the correct settings. The result of the tried install is that the GlassFish installer creates a glassfish4 folder under c:/glassfish4 but the glassfish4 folder is complete empty. The newest JDK is installed even so i did not know what to do. Than i choose to install the GlassFish server 3 and everything worked fine. A glassfish3 folder was created under c:/glassfish3 and i have installed the glassfish tools for eclipse. The problem here is that the glassfish3 installer did not create the domain1 folder. I followed the instruction given in this question

eclipse error: glassfish\domains\domain1 does not exist

but the command

glassfish-install-dir\bin\asadmin create-domain your-domain-name

doesnt work i get the same error message like the poster of this question that cmd gives path error.

I also tried to execute the glassFish4 installer exe as admin but it failed also.

Now i dont know what to and how to install the GlassFish4 server correctly it is so frustrating.

Please help!

Try running the following command:

glassfish-install-dir\glassfish\bin\asadmin.bat create-domain --adminport 4848 domain1

And then try to start it again.