inserting multiple lines with 1 query


I have problem in inserting multiple rows with 1 query using ms access 2003. When I use INSERT INTO like the code below

INSERT INTO Employee values ('1','b','c');
INSERT INTO Employee values ('2','d','e');

the problem, ms access always appears pop up characters found after end of SQL Statement. So, are there any way to insert the data into the table?

With Access SQL you can't combine two INSERT statements. You could run each of them separately. But if you need to do it with a single statement, you will need to use a more complex query.

SELECT '1','b','c'
SELECT '2','d','e'
FROM Dual;

Dual is a custom table designed to always contain only one row. You can create your own Dual table using the instructions from this Stack Overflow answer.

However, you don't actually need a custom table for this purpose. Instead of Dual, you can use any table or query which returns only one row.