Informatica Cloud - SFTP File Collection and Inserting Folders in Salesforce


Our objective is as follows

a) Pick up a file "Test.csv" from a Secure FTP location.

b) After picking up the file we need to insert the contents of the file into an object in Salesforce.

I created the following connection for the Remote SFTP (the location which will contain "Test.csv")

Step 1

This is as shown below

Step 2

Then I started to build a Data Synchronization Task as below

What we want is for the Informatica Cloud to connect to the secure FTP location and extract the contents from a .csv from that location into our object in Salesforce.

But as you can see in Step 2, it does not allow me to choose .csv from that remote location.

Instead the wizard prompts me to choose a file from a local directory (which is my machine ...where the secure agent is running) and this is not what I want

What should I do in this scenario ?

Can someone help ?

You can write a UNIX script to transfer the file to your secure agent and then use informatica to read the file. Although, I have never tried using sftp in cloud, I have used cloud and I do know that all files are tied up to the location of the secure agent( either server or local computer) .