Inactive TeamCity agents do not take compatible tasks in the queue


I am using TeamCity 8.1.3 and have one task in the build queue and compatible enabled agent.

In "Build Queue" teamcity says that task "Can run on" - "2 agents" Both agents are idle.

I tried to reinstall teamcity, reinstall buildAgent and install agent on another machine. Tried to run agent as root. I read all agent logs and didn't find any errors; only warnings for not installed VCS tools (i need only git and its installed - no warning for it).

Why wont the agent run my task?

If the VCS tools aren't installed then TeamCity can't pull down your code and run the agent.

From the TeamCity documentation

Git support in TeamCity is implemented as a plugin. Git needs to be installed on the server machine and, if the agent-side checkout is used, on the agents.


[Build configuration] will run only on the agents where git was detected or specified in the agent properties.

So you need install git.

This page covers installation instructions for Windows, Linux and Mac: This SO post discusses installation as well: Git for beginners: The definitive practical guide