In the application purchase restoration - Non-renewable subscription


The Getting started with In-App Purchase on iOS and OS X (published February 3, 2014) document in "Restoring Previous Completed Purchases" specifies that non-renewing purchases must be transferred to other devices. In-App Purchase Type: Non-Renewing Subscriptions Restore Required?: Yes Transaction Restoration Mechanism: Use iCloud or your own server to track purchases and allow user to restore purchased subscriptions to all iOS devices owned by a single user

Technical Note 4009, iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases (published July 29, 2014) in "Transfer an In-App Purchase" specifies that this is not allowed. You can't sync or transfer non-renewing subscriptions and consumable In-App Purchase to another iOS device or Mac.

Which one is correct?

Your app must allow the transfer/restore of in app purchase to other devices. Your app will be rejected if not. We have apps that transfers its purchases to other iOS devices