In SQL Server 2008, how can I create and send / receive data over a Telnet connection?


I have a Dataman high speed ID scanner which I need to communicate with a SQL Server 2008 database. There are a few different ways for it to communicate, but the only one that isn't an industrial protocol is Telnet. How can I have the database communicate with the scanner over Telnet?

If you have any other suggestions for how to communicate with it, I'd love to hear them too.

You will need to write an application which uses Telnet to talk to the scanner, and can then read/write from the database accordingly.

You could, for example, write something in C# (using Visual Studio) and use the following library for Telnet access:

If you really, really have to get the database to execute the code, then you might be able to write something in C# which is then picked up using CLR integration within SQL Server 2008. But I would recommend keeping your application separate from the database (for ease of development and testing purposes).