In Django, how can I return the total number of articles related to a model?


In Django how can i return the total number of items (count) that are related to another model, e.g the way stackoverflow does a list of questions then on the side it shows the count on the answers related to that question.

This is easy if i get the questionid, i can return all answers related to that question but when am displaying the entire list of question it becomes a bit tricky to display on the side the count showing the total count.

I don't know if am clear but just think how stackoverflow displays its questions with answer,views count next to each question!

If you're willing to use trunk, you can take advantage of the brand new annotate() QuerySet method added just a week or so ago, which solves this exact problem:

If you want to stick with Django 1.0, you can achieve this in a slightly less elegant way using the select argument of the extra() QuerySet method. There's an example of exactly what you are talking about using extra() here:

Finally, if you need this to be really high performance you can denormalise the count in to a separate column. I've got some examples of how to do this in the unit testing part of my presentation here: