Implementing the 3270 protocol in Java


I've got a big problem with IBM HACL for accessing a server which speaks 3270 protocol. The library keeps crashing, and our JNI wrapper is actually a bug-fixing layer for the poorly-implemented and poorly-documented library (and I suspect we have introduced new bugs with it too). Moreover, in our company, everybody knows Java, and could maintain the software if we didn't have the JNI-Layer and the IBM class library.

We have to use the C++ class library, because the IBM Java library is unusable: we get every non-printable character translated, and we lose all control characters along the way.

Now the question is: can we ditch this library and implement our solution in Java completely (we'd like to avoid using another library from another vendor)? Is the protocol well documented? Is the implementation of 3270-over-ssl really so complex?


so i guess its documented (assuming i hit the right doc) couldnt find a java implementation though, you'd need to code it over telnet, or maybe SSH