Image is not displayed in the live server - Laravel 4.2


Am working on laravel 4.2, I can able to show the image in localhost, but not in the live server for example the image tag,

<img src="images/data/d3ss.jpg" alt="" class="img-responsive">

Works good in localhost but not in live server,

If we hit the image url in browser it says NotFoundException in live sever but in localhost I can able to see the image [NotFoundException]
http://localhost/yyy/public/data/d3ss.jpg [Working]

The image has been place in public/images/data

I even tried with


works in localhost not in server

Please guide me, how to solve this issue.

Am sorry,

I Just found the solution. Actually I have mistakenly start the image file name with numbers like 8989_filename.jpg. When I remove the numbers at front it works in server. But even in localhost with numbers like 8989_filename.jpg is working.

Any other suggestions? Thanks for advice.

Try to use the HTML::image helper.


{{ HTML::image('img/picture.jpg', 'a picture', array('class' => 'my-class')) }}

More info here