IIS7 does not start my Exe file by starting the process, but it runs on the taskbar


I have created a project with process start in c# it's running in local visual studio build,when I hosting it in IIS it's not running but it's starting the processes and nothing is displaying I checked it in task manager.Code sample:

  Process process = new Process();
  process.StartInfo.FileName = "calc.exe";
  process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;

And I have tried following solutions

IIS7 does not start my Exe file by Process Start

Foo.cmd won't output lines in process

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start not work from an IIS

nothing helped.If any one knows please help me

Try setting the value of the Load User profile to True for the ApplicationPool that you are using for your application.

You can just select the application pool and select advanced settings under advanced setting you can find this option.

This worked for me.

ApplicationPool Settings screen shot

EDIT : but as spender said it is not advisable to launch an EXE from your IIS server as this may open up some way for hackers to attack on your application.