"if" condition only works for the first div encountered


I'm trying to swap out one class for another when a page loads depending on the directory in the URL. My code is working for the first div in my menu, but not for any others. Here's the code:

$('document').ready(function() {
    var pathname = window.location.pathname;
    pathname = pathname.replace('/MVC/', '');

    if (pathname == $('.navitem').attr('rel')) {
        $('.navitem[rel='+pathname+']').toggleClass('navitem selected_menu')

The HTML is as follows:

<div class="navitem" rel="dashboard"><a href="http://localhost/MVC/dashboard">Dashboard</a></div>
<div class="navitem" rel="chat"><a href="http://localhost/MVC/chat">Chat</a></div>
<div class="navitem" rel="users"><a href="http://localhost/MVC/user">Users</a</div>

When I alert($('.navitem').attr('rel')), it always returns the rel value of the first div. How do I get it to look at all of them instead of just the first one?

You can't just use one comparison operation because you have to check all of the divs.

$(".navitem").filter(function() {
  return $(this).attr("rel") === pathname;  // filter out the correct one(s)
}).toggleClass("navitem selected_menu");

By the way, it is usually $(document).ready. Although it doesn't matter what you pass to $ in case of .ready, this is the de facto standard.