IDE Suggestions for working with large source code files


I am working on an Android application which works with JNI, with already developed C++ and C source codes.

This C/C++ code is really big and I have to study and work on it. Currently I use Eclipse as IDE on Windows XP, which can not properly work with big source code files, like go to declaration, references or search.

So I'm looking for an IDE that covers these requirements:

  1. Import and Build JNI layer of and Android project
  2. Proper handling of big source code files (some of the files are more than 8k lines)
  3. Proper linking, source formatting and code indexing will be very helpful.
  4. Running on Windows XP.

If Eclipse is the better option, how can I use it for points 2 and 3?

If your computer is powerful enough, eclipse is able to handle a big code base. I have 2-3M lines here with a few files with more than 10k lines and the indexer is working well.

Like you said, Eclipse editor turns off some features for big files above a specific threshold. This "feature degradation" is not always a good thing and can be disabled, or the threshold can be changed if it's too conservative.

Go to Window > Preferences > C/C++ > Editor > Scalability and tweak.

Currently, I put the threshold on my eclipse at 50k lines for scalability to be turned on. I forgot the default setting, I think it was 5k, hence your problem with files over 8k lines.