I want to read the csv file and analyze it on the board but still fail


my csv file link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Z58iD3By5wb2R2TnV0Rjc3Zzg/view

I already read many reference but I can not seperate my csv by "," (the delimiter not working properly). Is there a solution how could I get an array like this from that csv file:


['username'] => Lexsa,

['date'] => 12/07/2017,

['retweet'] => null,



 ['username'] => any,
 ['date'] => 12/07/2017,

 ['retweet'] => null

function csv_to_array($filename='', $delimiter=',')
if(!file_exists($filename) || !is_readable($filename))
    return FALSE;

$header = NULL;
$data = array();
if (($handle = fopen($filename, 'r')) !== FALSE)
    while (($row = fgetcsv($handle, 1000, $delimiter)) !== FALSE)
            $header = $row;
            $data[] = array_combine($header, $row);
return $data;

I try to use many reference but the result is always like this the code wont split the line with "," :

Array ( [0] => Array (["username","date","retweets","favorites","text","geo","mentions","hashtags","id","permalink"] => "Lexsa911","01/12/2016 0:05",0.0,0.0,"Kecelakaan - Kecelakaan Pesawat yang Melibatkan Klub-Klub Sepakbola http:// ht.ly/1IdL306EzDH",,,,"8,04E+17","https://twitter.com/Lexsa911/status/804008435020865536" )

This is what I get when I open your tes.csv with less or gedit:

"""Lexsa911"",""01/12/2016 0:05"",0.0,0.0,""Kecelakaan - Kecelakaan Pesawat yang Melibatkan Klub-Klub Sepakbola http:// ht.ly/1IdL306EzDH"",,,,""8,04E+17"",""https://twitter.com/Lexsa911/status/804008435020865536"""
"""Widya_Davy"",""01/12/2016 0:05"",0.0,0.0,""Kecelakaan - Kecelakaan Pesawat yang Melibatkan Klub-Klub Sepakbola http:// ow.ly/h1Eh306EzHk"",,,,""8,04E+17"",""https://twitter.com/Widya_Davy/status/804008434588876803"""
"""redaksi18"",""01/12/2016 0:05"",0.0,0.0,""Klub Brasil Korban Kecelakaan Pesawat Didaulat Jadi Juara http:// beritanusa.com/index.php?opti on=com_content&view=article&id=39769:klub-brasil-korban-kecelakaan-pesawat-didaulat-jadi-juara&catid=43:liga-lain&Itemid=112 … pic.twitter.com/1K7OlZSX83"",,,,""8,04E+17"",""https://twitter.com/redaksi18/status/804008416188338176"""
"""JustinBiermen"",""01/12/2016 0:06"",0.0,0.0,""Video LUCU Kecelakaan Yg Sangat Koplak http://www. youtube.com/watch?v=pQFOY7 AdXck …"",,,,""8,04E+17"",""https://twitter.com/JustinBiermen/status/804008714738880512"""

So the issue is not the delimiter, but rather the enclosure. As you can see, each line is wrapped in quotes. So the entire line is considered to be a single column.

I suggest to fix the csv, e.g. remove the quotes until a row looks like


If you cannot do that for some reason, preprocess the csv to clean it up:

        function($line) {
            $single_quoted_line = str_replace(['"""', '""'], '"', $line);
            return str_getcsv($single_quoted_line);