I'm just starting Objective-C and I'm developing an iPhone application. I need help with Objective-C


I'm 14 and developing my second iOS app: an iPhone version of the web-based chatroom I created for my school. I have very little knowledge of Objective-C and I need some help. This is a very basic app, where I have a UIWebView and a tool bar at the bottom of the view. The toolbar contains a text field and a "Send" button. I have the UIWebView working and pointing to the correct site, but I need two basic things:

1. I need the toolbar to reposition itself to the top of the keyboard when the text box is tapped, also resizing the UIWebView for the correct space.


2. I need to find a way to post the contents of my text field to my PHP script online when the "Send" button is tapped or the "Send" key on the keyboard is pressed.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Edit: Here are some screenshots of the app.

App screenshots.

You'll want to take a look at "Managing The Keyboard".

In essense what you want to do is have the delegate of the textfield deal with the keyboard notification "UIKeyboardWillShowNotification", and use the info which it will supply to move the toolbar into place, possibly with an animation.


Looking around a little, I found this:

iPhone Keyboard Covers UITextField