I have been trying to generate tensorflow with GPU support for about a week now and continue to run installation problems


I have been trying to build tensorflow with GPU support for about a week now and keep running into installation issues with bazel. Granted, I am able to run my GPU outside of this process. Windows 10 machine , cuda 8.0, cudnn 5.1

I believe it has something to do with my environment variables not pointing to the right path and/or a path that is referenced in a file somewhere that is pointing to the usr/local/bin folder as opposed to the C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v8.0

If someone can provide the correct paths that would be extremely helpful. Another thought was whether I needed to modify bazel configure files to help with this issue? Environment paths here:

My error:

C:\Users\me\Anaconda3\envs\tensorflow_gpu\tensorflow>bazel build -c opt --copt=mavx tensorflow/examples/image_retraining:retrain . ERROR: error loading package 'tensorflow/examples/image_retraining': Encountered error while reading extension file 'cuda/build_defs.bzl': no such package '@local_config_cuda//cuda': Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/users/me/anaconda3/envs/tensorflow_gpu/tensorflow/third_party/gpus/cuda_configure.bzl", line 915 _create_cuda_repository(repository_ctx) File "C:/users/me/anaconda3/envs/tensorflow_gpu/tensorflow/third_party/gpus/cuda_configure.bzl", line 803, in _create_cuda_repository _get_cuda_config(repository_ctx) File "C:/users/me/anaconda3/envs/tensorflow_gpu/tensorflow/third_party/gpus/cuda_configure.bzl", line 619, in _get_cuda_config _cudnn_install_basedir(repository_ctx) File "C:/users/me/anaconda3/envs/tensorflow_gpu/tensorflow/third_party/gpus/cuda_configure.bzl", line 202, in _cudnn_install_basedir auto_configure_fail("Cannot find cudnn install path....) File "C:/users/me/anaconda3/envs/tensorflow_gpu/tensorflow/third_party/gpus/cuda_configure.bzl", line 125, in auto_configure_fail fail(" %sAuto-Configuration Error:%s ...))

Auto-Configuration Error: Cannot find cudnn install path. . INFO: Elapsed time: 21.262s

Try setting the CUDNN_INSTALL_PATH environment variable: https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/blob/da0d883cba8c3b8103e17432bf8398a56a719c40/third_party/gpus/cuda_configure.bzl#L16