I do not know how to encrypt the database using SQLCipher


I have included SQLCipher into my project exactly like explained in this link: http://sqlcipher.net/ios-tutorial/

But I am not sure how to encrypt the database I have read description from above link but not getting.
Actually what I am doing is if application is opening first time then it will copy the database(i.e. without encryption) to the document directory. One more thing my database is blank when copying from bundle to document directory.
I have tried to use sqlite3_key function after opening the database but nothing is encrypted. But I didn't found something like how to encrypt database when copying from bundle to document directory. I am planning to use FMDB so it would be better to reply according to that.
Please guide me how to do that or point to direction if is there any tutorial for it. Also suggest what should be the standard approach to do that.

Instructions for this are in the SQLCipher API Page [1] for using sqlcipher_export(), under "Example 1: Encrypt a Plaintext Database"

[1] http://sqlcipher.net/sqlcipher-api/#sqlcipher_export