I can not add more menus to custom wordpress menus


I tried to add a custom menu in wordpress menu. My menu limit to 90 and can not be added again.

I've been following the various ways below but it did not work

<IfModule mod_php.c>
php_value suhosin.simulation 1
</ IfModule>

please help

The following has worked for some users with similar problem:

Try to increase the value of the max_input_vars variable in php.ini. This variable was introduced in PHP version 5.3.9 and has the default value of 1000.

You can read more about it in the PHP documentation:


max_input_vars 1000 PHP_INI_PERDIR Available since PHP 5.3.9.

How many input variables may be accepted (limit is applied to $_GET, $_POST and $_COOKIE superglobal separately). Use of this directive mitigates the possibility of denial of service attacks which use hash collisions.

You could try to increase it to 1500 or 2000.

source: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/96587/menu-items-disappearing/96593#96593