HTML5 HTML5 hexadecimal game engine (table)


I'm looking for a very simple HTML5 2D Hex / Touch game engine framework to build board game like:

  • Turn based 2D Hex Grid Wargame
  • Dungeon Crawler
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Krosmaster

I found an awesome article on Hexagon grids with a D3.js implementation but can't figure out how to start a boilerplate.

After digging around I found a list of HTML5 Game Engine and great game's components.

But I don't know which one would be the best for my use case. There few sample/tutorial that really match my needs. It's often:

  • Very tiny screen size
  • Or ugly assets
  • Or dead links
  • Or lot's of code

May be that kind of game do not match for HTML5 game ? Something based on Hexagon grids would be so cool ! It seems Phaser do not handle hex grid ?

Playcraft seems to support hex grids, at least in the announced 0.5.6 release:

Here’s a big list of things we’ve changed:

* hex tile maps now supported using (pc.HexTileLayer)

The code is on Github. The project looks inactive since July 2013.