How to use tomcat folder with .jar extension as jar files?


I have in Eclipse web application project that depends from other projects. When I run debug on embedded Tomcat in lib folder that Eclipse copied not jars, but folders with names like:


So web application don't start because didn't found some files. When I manually deleted all these folders and manually copy jar files - all works. Does it possible ask Eclipse (or maven - this is maven project) to copy jars or ask Tomcat use folders like jars? Thanks.

Here is how I think it should be done with maven:

  1. If the other projects are also maven projects, export them as maven artifacts in your local repository. A nice article is Maven Deploy Plugin - If they are not maven projects you should manually generate the jar files and add them to the repository, some information can be found at Best way to create a maven artifact from existing jar
  2. Add the exported artifacts as dependencies to your project. A lot of details can be found at Introduction to the Dependency Mechanism

Hope this helps.