How to use the ontouch event in HTML5 canvas?


I am new to this site and this is first question I am asking here..if its simple pls forgive me.. I have drawn one background image, on this I am drawing 5 small small images by using drawImage() method. Once I touch the small images then they should disappear or should pop up one alert box but ontouch event is not occurring so far I have searched for ontouch event but no use. I dont want to draw images through img tag in HTML. Here is my code segment

var car = new Image();
car.src = "img/car.jpg";
    car.onload = function() {
    imgLoaded = true;
if (imgLoaded = true) {


 function drawCarImg() {
if (i == 0) {
    x1 = Math.floor((Math.random() * 501));
    y1 = Math.floor((Math.random() * 301));;
    cxt.drawImage(car, x1, y1, car.width, car.height);

 car.on('touchstart', function() {

Here is my HTML code

<!DOCTYPE html>
<div id="container" onclick="void(0)">
    <canvas id="can"> </canvas>

<div id="btn">
    <input type="image" id="zoomIn" src="img/up.png" onclick="zoomIn()" />
    <input type="image" id="zoomOut" src="img/down.png"
        onclick="zoomOut()" />
<div id="score">
    <p id="scoreCount">

Could anybody help me to get the solution. FYI: I am running this code in Phonegap NOT in browser.

$( '#id' ).on( 'touchstart',function(){
                     //your code

here id is id of your html element on which you want to listen touch event.