How to use FnFilter () to get the exact match in multiselect?


How do I pass the multiple values in FnFilter() and get the exact match?

I am using "fnFilter" to get the exact match - fnFilter("^"+searchString+"$", 18, true, false); and I made "bsmart:false"

I have values like 10, 100,101,102, 1000 and I have given a multiselect checkbox option.

If I select the individual value filter works fine . However if I select multiple values if not filtering only the exact match.

Example: If i select 10 filter works fine, however if I select 10 and 101, the values will get filtered for 100 as well.

Please suggest me how to handle this issue in FnFilter for multiselects?

Thanks in Advance Ganesh

Your regex is the problem, I think it should be something like (10|1000)...

Your regex 10|1000 looks for a string that is either starting with 10 or ending with 1000 so 100 is satisfying the condition.