How to turn hyperlink codes into normal URL strings?


I'm trying to build a blog system. So I need to do things like transforming '\n' into < br /> and transform into < a href=''>< /a>

The former thing is easy - just using string replace() method

The latter thing is more difficult, but I found solution here: Find Hyperlinks in Text using Python (twitter related)

But now I need to implement "Edit Article" function, so I have to do the reverse action on this.

So, how can I transform < a href=''>< /a> into

Thanks! And I'm sorry for my poor English.

Since you are using the answer from that other question your links will always be in the same format. So it should be pretty easy using regex. I don't know python, but going by the answer from the last question:

import re

myString = 'This is my tweet check it out <a href=""></a>'

r = re.compile(r'<a href="(http://[^ ]+)">(http://[^ ]+)</a>')
print r.sub(r'\1', myString)

Should work.