How to transfer data from all activities to the final activity?


I have four activities named activity1, activity2, activity3, activity4 and finalactivity. I build CV Builder that take information of person in different activities.

Now I want to send data of activity1 to activity2, I used intent for this purpose, but now I do not understand how I send the data of both activities (1 and 2) to activity3, and so on. Finally I want to send data of all four activities to finalactivity, any help?

You can add the data of Activity1 and Activity2 into one bundle and send it to Activity3 (because you already have the data of Activity1 in Activity2), and continue doing this till Activity 4. This is kinda obvious. Is there any specific problem that is stopping you from doing this?

Alternatively, you can use shared preferences to store the data from each of the Activities and then retrieve them in Activity4.

Just remember to remove the data from sharedpreferences once you are done in Actiuvity4