How to store parameters per client (not per application and not per user) in ClickOnce-Excel-Addin


I am working on a VSTO-Excel-Addin (VB.NET) that we are about to sell to different companies.

The addin will (hopefully) be used by a couple of users of each customer. We are using ClickOnce for a web-based deployment.

The addin provides some default-settings - that is no problem with the app.config. User-specific Settings are also working fine with ClickOnce.

However what makes quite some headache is how to store settings per customer. Database-connectionstrings for example cannot be stored on the application-level but it would also be painfull for all users to change the Connection-string manually. What I would imagine is another layer (per Company) where this sort of Setting can be stored.

One alternative would be to create one VSTO-Project per customer but this would bring a lot of disadvantages since we are updating the addin quite regularly.

I would be happy about any ideas!

Regards, Julian

I would show Excel's built in connection properties dialog and let each client configure this themselves.

You really shouldn't be distributing connection strings for all your clients as part of a shared package. It'll be a maintenance nightmare.