How to store int [] in the application settings


I'm creating a simple windows Forms application using C# express 2008. I'm an experienced C++ developer, but I am pretty much brand new to C# and .NET.

I'm currently storing some of my simple application settings using the settings designer and code like this:

// Store setting
Properties.Settings.Default.TargetLocation = txtLocation.Text;
// Restore setting
txtLocation.Text = Properties.Settings.Default.TargetLocation;

Now I'd like to store either an array of ints ( int[] ), or possibly a List of ints ( List< int > ), as a setting. However, I can't figure out how to do this. I've searched the documentation, stackoverflow, and google, and I cannot find a decent explanation of how to do this.

My hunch based on the sparse examples I've found is that I have to create a class that is serializable that wraps my array or List, and then I will be able to use that Type in the settings designer. However, I'm not sure exactly how to do this.

Thanks in advance for your help!

There is also another solution - requires a bit of manual editing of the settings file, but afterwards works fine in VS environment and in the code. And requires no additional functions or wrappers.

The thing is, that VS allows to serialize int[] type by default in the settings file - it just doesn't allow you to select it by default. So, create a setting with desired name (e.g. SomeTestSetting) and make it of any type (e.g. string by default). Save the changes.

Now go to your project folder and open the "Properties\Settings.settings" file with text editor (Notepad, for example) Or you can open it in VS by right-clicking in Solution Explorer on " -> Properties -> Settings.settings", select "Open With..." and then choose either "XML Editor" or "Source Code (Text) Editor". In the opened xml settings find your setting (it will look like this):

<Setting Name="SomeTestSetting" Type="System.String" Scope="User">
  <Value Profile="(Default)" />

Change the "Type" param from System.String to System.Int32[]. Now this section will look like this:

<Setting Name="SomeTestSetting" Type="System.Int32[]" Scope="User">
  <Value Profile="(Default)" />

Now save changes and re-open project settings - voilà! - We have the setting SomeTestSetting with type System.Int32[] which can be accessed and edited through VS Settings Designer (values too), as well as in the code.