How to set the margin or padding as a percentage of the height of the parent container?


I had been racking my brains over creating a vertical alignment in css using the following



and used the following div structure.

<div class="base">
   <div class="vert-align">
       Content Here

While this seemed to work for this case, i was surprised that when i increased or decreased the width of my base div, the vertical alignment would snap. I was expecting that when I set the padding-top property, it would take the padding as a percentage of the height of the parent container, which is base in our case, but the above value of 50 percent is calculated as a percentage of the width. :(

Is there a way to set the padding and/or margin as a percentage of the height, without resorting to using javascript?

Thanks in advance.

I also had this problem (+1). I'm seriously annoyed by it, it is stupid to have to do this.

The fix is that yes, vertical padding and margin are relative to width, but top and bottom aren't.

So just place a div inside another, and in the inner div, use something like top:50% (remember position matters if it still doesn't work)