how to set the font size for different IOS devices


In react-native i design a sample,when i check it in different IOS devices here is my code:

render() {
      return (
        <View style={styles.container}>
             <View style={styles.body}>
             <TouchableHighlight style={styles.facebook} >
             <View style={styles.row}>
             <Image style={styles.icon} source={require('image!fb')}/>
             <Text style={styles.facebookText} >Continue with Facebook</Text>
var styles = StyleSheet.create({
    marginTop: 65,
    marginTop: 25,
    height: 50,
    padding: 10,
    marginRight: 40,
    marginLeft: 40,
    backgroundColor: '#1A8A29',
    marginLeft: 8,
    fontSize: 20,
    color: 'white',
    marginTop: 3,
     marginLeft: 5,
      width: 25,
      height: 25

when i check in iphone-6 and 5s font problem is coming any one help me to solve this problem,how to set the font size for different IOS devices in react-native any help much appriciated

I've written the following code for my project:

On the file: multiResolution.js I have:

export function getCorrectFontSizeForScreen(PixelRatio, screenWidth, screenHeight, currentFont){
  let devRatio = PixelRatio.get();
  let factor = (((screenWidth*devRatio)/320)+((screenHeight*devRatio)/640))/2.0;
  let maxFontDifferFactor = 5; //the maximum pixels of font size we can go up or down
  // console.log("The factor is: "+factor);
    return currentFont-float2int(maxFontDifferFactor*0.3);
  }else if((factor>=1) && (factor<=1.6)){
    return currentFont-float2int(maxFontDifferFactor*0.1);
  }else if((factor>=1.6) && (factor<=2)){
    return currentFont;
  }else if((factor>=2) && (factor<=3)){
    return currentFont+float2int(maxFontDifferFactor*0.65);
  }else if (factor>=3){
    return currentFont+float2int(maxFontDifferFactor);


function float2int (value) {
  return value | 0;

Then on each react-native component I do:

import { PixelRatio } from 'react-native';
import {getCorrectFontSizeForScreen} from './multiResolution'
import Dimensions from 'Dimensions';
const {height:h, width:w} = Dimensions.get('window'); // Screen dimensions in current orientation

and then on my styles I do:

var portraitStyles = StyleSheet.create({
  titleText: {
    fontSize: getCorrectFontSizeForScreen(PixelRatio, w,h,27),//magic takes place here

It's custom but it has worked very well for me.

Also (irrelevant to your question but I'm going to say it anyway), I use widths and heights relevant to the screenWidth and screenHeight like so:

aStyleForAnElement:{    //this element will occupy
    width: w*0.55, //55% of the screen width
    height:h*0.05  //5% of the screen height

This is how I support different screen sizes in my project till now.


As time passes we learn. At the time I wrote this post I had no other solution to manage font sizes rather than use custom code, but right now I don't have to do any of this:

I simply tell our designer to design for the lowest resolution available 320x480 (and give me the font sizes in points instead of pixels) and then I just use points instead of pixels while designing for 320x480.

All the screens above 320x480 will be taken care of automatically with react-native, I don't have to write ANY fancy code at all to automatically manage that.

My components now simply look like that:

  textAlign: 'center',
  fontSize: 16, // this is 16 points
  color: 'white',
  backgroundColor: 'transparent',